Announcing V3-Polars &, Sponsored by the Uniswap Foundation

Allium Partners
Allium Partners
June 13, 2024
Announcing V3-Polars &, Sponsored by the Uniswap Foundation

V3-Polars is Now Powered by

We are thrilled to announce that v3-polars is now powered by, greatly reducing the friction for researchers and developers interacting with Uniswap data. By integrating with v3-polars, Allium adds more robust and reliable data streams to the existing data stack for comprehensive DeFi analyses.

v3-polars allows researchers and integrators to work with Uniswap v3 data in just a few lines of code. v3-polars also supports data on LPs at arbitrary blocks, fees collected, or simulating swaps for any pool, at arbitrary blocks, and cross-chain. Additionally, read Uniswap v3 re-created in Python for a more readable version of the Solidity code.

Research Challenges of the Past

Before integrating, conducting research with v3-polars presented several hurdles:

  • Tedious to Retrieve: Researchers have to navigate multiple data sources and APIs, leading to fragmented and inconsistent datasets
  • Challenging to Parse: Despite having available datasets, parsing and analyzing required substantial efforts and some technical expertise. The complexities of handling raw blockchain data often slows down the research process
  • Non-Replicable: Reproducing results and ensuring the accuracy of research findings was challenging. Inconsistent data sources and methods led to discrepancies and unreliable conclusions

Now a Seamless Research Experience

With DEX Analytics powering v3-polars, researchers can now:

  • Easily Accessible Data: is a unified platform for comprehensive and reliable Uniswap and DEX data right at your fingertips
  • User-Friendly Data Parsing: Simple querying and robust modeling tools simplify parsing and analyses for quicker pulls
  • Replicable Results: Consistency and accuracy are at the core of DEX Analytics. By providing standardized data schemas and methodologies, we ensure that any research is replicable and reliable

Researchers are On-Board

“My layer2 paper is replicable now because of Allium. With v3-polars x Allium integration, all researchers can now easily access the data used for research and replicate it.”

- Austin Adams of Uniswap Labs

How to Get Started:

For researchers interested in trying out v3-polars:

  1. Head to v3-polars and download the repo.
  2. Install Polars with Pip: pip install polars
  3. Get the an individual API Key from Allium App, we will make this self serve in the near future from the Dexanalytics portal in July, contact to obtain it.
  4. With the API and query key, set the environmental variables

import os
os.environ['ALLIUM_POLARSV3_QUERY_ID'] = 'abcdefg'
os.environ['ALLIUM_POLARSV3_API_KEY'] = 'deadbeef'

#import library and run your code
from v3 import start

address = '0xc31e54c7a869b9fcbecc14363cf510d1c41fa443'
arb = state.v3Pool(address, 'arbitrum', update = True, update_from='allium', tgt_max_rows=100_000)
swaps = arb.swaps

5. Swaps Data

Ready to Welcome in a New Realm of Possibility?

Join us on this exciting journey and explore the endless possibilities that DEX Analytics offers. Together, we can push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of decentralized finance.

Ready to dive in? Reach out at and we’ll help you get onboarded today.

The DEX Analytics Portal

This integration is made possible through the support of the Uniswap Foundation grant to Allium to provide access to maintained, standardized real-time DEX data. The DEX Analytics Portal addresses the lack of dependable DEX data and disparate standards impeding deeper research, which muddles the assessment of on-chain activities such as trade events and MEV extraction. By developing reliable, unified data standards and facilitating easy access, empowers researchers and developers with the tools needed to catalyze research insights and innovation on Uniswap.

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