Use Cases

Allium's comprehensive blockchain data platform provides professionals in crypto analytics and investment with the tools they need to make informed decisions. With coverage of 23 blockchains and over 100+ schemas, our platform offers near real-time data through various delivery methods.


Accounting and Auditing

Accounting and Auditing

Allium has reorganized the entire blockchain into the Double Entry Book format, with every transaction represented as a credit or debit for easy net flow and balance calculations.



Track every stablecoin transaction across 15 chains, understand flows of funds between every single wallet

All stablecoins across 15 chains covered: USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD, TUSD, USDD, USDP, GUSD, FRAX, FDUSD, PYUSD, USDJ

Wallet360™ - Wallet insights

Wallet360™ - Wallet insights

100+ precomputed attributes (age, activity, balances) for every wallet address with Wallet360™

  • Transaction Activity: transaction counts, days online, funding address, and transaction for a  wallet address.
  • Assets Held: Wallet USD balance, assets held, stablecoin balances, native currency balances.
  • DEX Interactions: DEX projects interacted by the wallet, USD volume traded.
  • NFT Marketplace Interactions: NFT marketplace used, total and average USD traded, NFT transactions, and collections traded per marketplace.
  • NFT Acquired and Bluechips: First NFT minted, acquired, and traded, bluechip collections held
Institutional Staking

Institutional Staking

Historical staking income, rewards and APR data for every validator on both the Consensus and Execution layer


Decoded Logs

Decoded Logs

Allium provides a generalized way to deal with complexity of logs and traces by pre-decoding everything.

Powering Applications

Powering Applications

We power the world’s biggest apps such as Phantom and can handle millions of requests today, bringing 50-100ms query speeds and 3-4s data freshness to engineers.

Realtime Data Streams

Realtime Data Streams

Get any schema streamed into your kafka, pubsub or database in near real time for alerting and workflow logic

For Analysts

Accounting & Auditing

Query all balances with USD prices in one line

select date, project, sum(balance)

from ethereum.assets.balances

The quality of tables makes it easy for new SQL users to create complex queries in just a few lines
Matt Maximo, Research Lead at Grayscale
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Track every stablecoin transaction across 15 chains in a single query

select token_symbol, sum(usd_volume) from crosschain.stablecoin.transfers group by all;

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A source of truth for NFT trades, supporting all major marketplaces, with washtrading filters.

select block_timestamp, chain, sum(usd_price) from crosschain.nfts.trades group by all

We don’t need an engineer to index each chain and spend time when there are data issues or when we want to add new marketplaces or new columns to our data. It’s all done by Allium with great SLAs!
- Monique, Head of Data Science at MagicEden

Powers Electric Capital's NFTPulse

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Trades from major DEXs and aggregators, liquidity from both DEXes and non-DEX sources

select block_timestamp, chain, count(distinct transaction_from_address) from crosschain.dex.trades group by all

Trusted by the two biggest DEX ecosystems

  • Jupiter DEX
  • Uniswap DEX
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Wallet360 + Airdrop360

With over $10B in airdrops supported, Allium's curated 100+ attributes can help you explore what your users are doing on-chain.

With the help of machine learning experts from @AlliumLabs, we found several major clusters and will be looking into whether they should be removed from the tiered volume-based allocations
- Jupiter Aggregator
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For Engineers

Built to Scale

Allium has supported real-time workloads of up to 80k queries per second.

Small or big, Allium can support your engineering needs.

After migrating to Allium’s DB to help find active EVM addresses, we’re seeing a 30%-45% drop in P50/P99 latency and no more sharp latency spikes.
- Ricardo Pinho, Data Engineering Lead @ Phantom
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Custom Workflows

Build your own workflow with our generated real-time decoded logs and messaging queues.

Allium can integrate into any of your production workflows, including

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Unlocking the Power of Blockchain Technology

Allium's blockchain data platform provides a wide range of use cases for professionals in crypto analytics and investment. From general wallet analytics to real-time data decoding, institutional staking, risk management, and NFT and DEX trade overviews, our platform offers the tools you need to make informed decisions and maximize your returns.

General Wallet Analytics

General Wallet Analytics

Gain valuable insights into wallet activity and trends.

Institutional Staking Solutions

Institutional Staking Solutions

Optimize your staking strategies with our institutional-grade tools.

Real-Time Data Decoding

Real-Time Data Decoding

Access decoded data from multiple blockchains in real-time.

What our clients say

With the help of machine learning experts from @AlliumLabs, we found several major clusters and will be looking into whether they should be removed from the tiered volume-based allocations



Jupiter Aggregator

@AlliumLabs is the best data provider in crypto with the most overqualified team in the industry



Head of Research, Grayscale

Sybil Abusers posed a major challenge in the $JTO Airdrop. Such attackers create multiple addresses to appear as distinct entities, threatening the integrity of the Airdrop distribution.

Thanks to @AlliumLabs, the Jito Foundation was able to identify a number of them!



Jito Labs

💯 The best data team in web3 and we tried almost all of them at MoonPay

Sam AkinwunmiSam Akinwunmi

Sam Akinwunmi

Senior Data Science & Analytics Manager, Moonpay

My current stack for building proprietary datasets:

Database - @SnowflakeDB

Blockchain Data - @AlliumLabs

Transformation - @getdbt

Notebooks - @_hex_tech



Data Nerd, Alchemy DefiLlama

“The Allium team delivers high quality data reliably that we depend on for our key business insights, especially for tracking cross-chain market share”



Data Scientist, Magic Eden

If you have not checked @AlliumLabs for onchain data ⛓️ you should take a look at what @ethanyish and his team are building

- Extremely fast query execution ⚡️

- Curated data insights for wallets 🧮

- Access to historical balances ⚖️

Daniel PartidaDaniel Partida

Daniel Partida

Head of Data, Safe

Got @AlliumLabs-pilled today 🤩📈



Data Scientist Phantom

“After we had already spent 6 months building out our own data pipelines, we were more than happy to depend on Allium's enriched schemas"



CTO, Ludis Analytics