New Initiative: Allium Receives Grant for Uniswap Data Alignment

Allium Partners
Allium Partners
April 4, 2024
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New Initiative: Allium Receives Grant for Uniswap Data Alignment

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Attention: This blog post was originally written by Uniswap Foundation. You can find the original post on their blogspot at the following link:

To drive innovation on the Uniswap Protocol, access to maintained, standardized real-time DEX data is crucial. With reliable, understandable datasets, researchers and developers can analyze and understand the Uniswap Protocol's dynamics, compare them across other DEX’s, to determine how to best improve them. However, the current lack of access to dependable DEX data impedes this in-depth analysis, blocking enhancements of the Protocol. Disparate data standards across DEX platforms complicate matters further, muddling the assessment of on-chain activities such as trade events and MEV extraction.These data issues are significant hurdles to building a common understanding around what is happening on-chain, which can then be used as an impetus to improve and innovate. Acknowledging this obstacle for innovators, Uniswap Foundation is proud to allocate a grant of $480,000 to Allium for Uniswap Data Alignment to spearhead the development of reliable, unified data standards across DEX’s and facilitate easy access to that data. By funding this initiative, we aim to pave the way for breakthroughs and advancements on the Uniswap Protocol, ensuring that developers and researchers have the tools they need to catalyze innovation.

The Mission: Standardizing DEX Data

Allium's mission is to provide accurate, verified, and user-friendly DEX and Uniswap datasets for the community. By simplifying access to high-quality, low-latency blockchain data and establishing uniform DEX data schemas, which will be labeled and standardized across protocols, Allium’s work can revolutionize the way the industry interacts with DeFi data. These schemas, developed for major EVM-compatible blockchains, will serve as the bedrock for a broad spectrum of research, from basic analysis to more sophisticated studies on order flow, virtual liquidity, and market execution strategies.

If the initiative is successful, Allium will publish at least 10 data standards across DEXs, and launch a public Data Portal with a landing website that is accessible to the public. The Data Portal will serve as a central hub for Uniswap analytics and stakeholder engagement.

Allium's deliverables spread across a 21-month commitment, executed in four phases:

For more details on timing, KPIs and terms, check out the full proposal.

Meet the Grantees

Allium is a blockchain data platform offering accurate, fast, and simplified access to data for crypto analytics teams, supporting over 100 schemas in real-time. They’re trusted by protocols, researchers, open-source projects, and leading institutions such as DeFiLlama, MoonPay, Grayscale, and more.

With a team of 13 across the globe, Allium is poised to use their existing infrastructure to execute on the Uniswap Data Alignment initiative. At the helm of the project is Allium’s CEO and co-founder, Ethan Chan, former Director of Engineering at Primer.

“Taming blockchain data is like trimming the Amazon forest into a bonsai plant,” says Ethan. “There are a lot of researchers eager to engage with Uniswap data, but it’s too chaotic. Our vision at Allium is to provide a common source of DeFi data that will simplify the lives of researchers.” He continues, “We’re excited to contribute to the Uniswap Ecosystem, and set the data foundation for great research to flourish.”

If you’re a researcher or builder, Ethan wants you to know that Allium can unblock you in your next project. “We get so much joy at Allium when people say we save them two weeks of their lives data munging.”


Uniswap Foundation is thrilled to support Allium in facilitating innovations and insights previously obstructed by data disparity. This initiative is a culmination of our commitment to eliminating barriers to advancements, ensuring that the Uniswap Protocol remains on the bleeding edge of DeFi by leveraging the power of reliable, standardized and accessible data.

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